Monday, February 15, 2010

"Walk On"

Well, nothing much has changed. We're...waiting. We know there is a great purpose in the waiting, but it's still hard. When we think of Ethiopia and our children from a physical perspective, things seem so far away and out of our control. But, as we look at the sky, pray for His perspective, and serve those around us, the waiting somehow becomes a gift. A time when we can reflect on how big God is and learn to trust Him more. We've also been enjoying this unique season where it's just the 2 of us. As much as we long to be parents and have children added to our family, we know the season we're been in is about to change forever (which will be a wonderful new gift)! Along the journey, God is encouraging us with little things and seems to be whispering, "walk on". So, that's where we're at. We're walking on in what we know He's called us to. We haven't heard anything new on the 2 trip possibility. We're also waiting and praying for the Oromia region (where 4 orphanages are located) to start accepting orphans and adopting them out. A praise is that we FINALLY received our fingerprint appointment for the beginning of March. This is the last step for us to complete in our immigration paperwork through USCIS. Once this is complete, there is nothing holding us back from accepting a referral when the time comes. We will soon be starting our first fundraiser involving a puzzle. Yes, a puzzle:). Hopefully I've captured your attention and you'll check back! First we need to send our 10 fuz balls to their new homes!