Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Among the briers and desert...

Easter morning, we planted a tree. This wasn't just to replace the tree that had died in our back yard 2 years ago. No, this tree was special. A name we feel like God's given us for one of our children is, Hadassah. Hadassah was Esther's Hebrew name before it changed. Hadassah also means Myrtle Tree. In biblical times the Myrtle tree was a sign of Yaweh's promise to not forsake His people and His victory. I won't go into the references, but Isaiah, chapter 41 and 55, are some of my favorite images of God raising up Myrtle trees admidst deserts and briers. Our children are in "deserts" and "briers", fighting to survive. Out of such a sad and tragic situation, one we can only imagine at this point, we know that God is already raising a beautiful image of His faithfulness which is our eternal hope. We will forever look at these children's faces and not only rejoice that God drew us together as a family, but we will rejoice that He has taken the "deserts" and "briers" of our life and turned them into "Myrtle trees" by adopting each of us into His family.

So, for now we'll watch out our back window as our Myrtle tree blooms this spring, thanking God for the symbol of what is still to come! I was recently told by a retreat speaker that being in a place of waiting is good...it makes you yearn. We're definitely yearning! Here are some pictures of our special tree.
We found our tree at the one and only Stauffer's greenhouse. It's very nice if you haven't been yet this season.
Nate woke up early Easter morning to dig a home for it...what a guy:)!
We'll post pictures when it blooms.

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