Friday, September 17, 2010


We received an email from our agency yesterday sharing a little bit about why referrals have been so slow the past few months. Evidently, they keep adding documentation that is needed for a child to be referred to a waiting family. Below is part of the email we received that further explains the situation...please join us in praying that God would move in this situation and that we would all continue to put our trust in HIM! There's a good chance that our children could be waiting in the orphanage from the way things sound. It's a pretty weighty realization for us...

"...if we had documents for all the children in the various child care centers right now – the adoption clocks would suddenly jump ahead literally by months! Those children are sitting there, waiting for families to bring them home and love them. Countless others are outside, waiting to get in. What is holding up the process is documentation, and we can do absolutely nothing about it ourselves. 

Now, perhaps as never before, we need your prayers. God has told us to pray specifically so we know when He has answered. This week our prayer focus is on [one of the orphanages] where they are bursting at the seams with children and have only one social worker trying to complete documentation on all of them. They have been short-staffed for months and it is hard to find qualified social workers in such a remote location to fill the vacancies. The local Ministry of Women’s Affairs moved their office and put the process weeks behind. Officials keep adding new requirement in an effort to safeguard the process. This is good, but sometimes presents new challenges to the orphanage staff.  It seems to be one challenge after another, all conspiring to slow down the process of getting children’s cases ready for court.

This past week I read “Adopted For Life” by Russell D. Moore. He reminded me afresh that there are unseen forces who labor against adoption. We feel those every day, whether we recognize it or not.  Won’t you pray with me that God will defeat those forces and bring our children home?"
Please pray with us today!


  1. This was a troubling e-mail for us too. It's hard to hear that there are orphaned children period, let alone ones that are so close to being matched with families. I remember you in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. i am so thankful that everyone is calling on whoever they know to pray us all through this very despairing situation. i'm like laura, i was devastated just to know how many children are just sitting in orphanages waiting to be matched with their families. i fear that all the documentation requirements they keep adding are just bogging down an already fragile system. but our children are waiting for us, and God will get us to them in his time!