Friday, September 24, 2010

When there's nothing left to do...SING!

Check out this link and watch this powerful song/video off of Compassion'll be blessed.

Thank you everyone for joining us in prayer this week! Nothing to report yet, but we are hoping and praying to hear some positive news soon. More than ever, everything is totally out of our control...we're powerless. But, I am so grateful we serve a powerful God who is close to the widow and orphan. I find this song so encouraging right now...'there is always a song and I'll try to sing along over you".

Little ones, we're singing over you and praying our hearts out for you; singing of our joy to come. You've already changed our lives and we haven't even seen your faces...but oh how we long for that sweet day! 


  1. It is amazing how God uses our 'journeys' to shape and change us! How are you doing? We've been praying for the little ones in Sodo; that e-mail was so hard to get.

  2. Hi Rebecca and Nate! Just wanted to say Hi and that we are a fellow CWA family adopting from Ethiopia and are from South Central PA! We are so excited for you as you are getting closer to meeting your little ones. We are on 'hold status' at the moment due to a bio pregnancy, but it would be awesome if our children could someday meet. We will keep you and your little ones in our prayers!