Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Update and Recent Thoughts

Many people have been asking if we've heard anything and the short answer is no. We have received several sets of pictures...which have been the best thing we could ask for! We are falling more and more in love with their pictures every day. It's such an awesome thing to pray for them with faces to actually have in our hearts. It's also been a very special time as we've begun preparing our house and their rooms for the day they come home. Since we were so wide open with our preferences, we didn't want to do anything until we had a referral. It was hard not to move ahead while we were waiting for our referral, but I'm so glad we're starting preparations now. It's so meaningful to be picking things out for them, knowing who they are! 

During this time, I've been so mindful of God preparing a place for His people as we await the day He calls us home. Yes, it's still very hard to wait, but there's a deep joy we've been walking in as we prepare a place for them. Little Boy M and Baby Girl H cannot even begin to imagine in their wildest dreams what their life will be like in their forever and always family. And yet, it's our complete reality right now, so real and mundane to us. In the same way, we cannot even begin to imagine what the Lord has in store for His people, what He's prepared, what He's waiting to show us. God continues to show us so much of His heart on this journey. Around every corner, down every path, through every tunnel...He's always there...showing us new things about Himself. We're so grateful for this journey, for adoption, and for these little ones we're anxiously awaiting to bring home!  

Here's a step by step of where we're at and what you can be praying for over the next few months.

1. Right now, we're waiting for 2nd medicals to come back (hopefully any day, keep praying)!
2. Then we submit our paperwork to court.
3. Then we wait for a court date (1st travel date) to be given to us (this is still a few months off).
4. There's many other steps after this, but I'll stop here:).

We appreciate your prayers for our children's health and for their little hearts to be held and comforted by our Father as they wait. For now, we continue on our journey, in the footsteps of the One who's gone before, the One who adopted us into His family, the One who called us to this...the Eternal Light.

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