Saturday, February 26, 2011

We Have a Date!!!

This week was a big week in our family. Wednesday we celebrated 3 years of marriage AND got our court date!!! This is the first time during this adoption journey that we've ever had dates ahead of us to look forward to! Dates have been unknowns at every turn and it's kind of weird...GREAT to have an official countdown in our house! We are beyond excited and can't believe this is actually happening. Several other adoptive families we've gotten to know through the blog world will be traveling very close to the time we are...what a special blessing.

Next for us is shots, visas, re-fingerprinting, booking tickets, reserving guest houses, finishing up teaching, sorting through shower gifts, setting up rooms, selling 3 golden retriever puppies and so much more. My dad is actually planning to travel with us and we will be staying in country for 2 weeks to see what doors God may open for further ministry in Ethiopia. I will then be staying by myself (with a missionary family) through the end of May. I'll be flying home just in time for my sister's wedding, May 28. Hopefully we'll still be stateside June 11 for my sister-in-law's wedding. We're trusting God to work out the timing of all these special events in our families. 

God's really been teaching us to take things one step at a time and to let tomorrow worry about itself. This adoption is about so much more than us, the kids, adoption, missions, calling, our families. . . it's about HIM being glorified. There seems to be a lot of delays and unknowns surrounding the phases of this adoption we are about to step into. A specific things you can pray with us about is. . .

1. That the Ministry of Women's Affairs (MOWA) would be able to get their letters of recommendation to scheduled court dates so families can "pass" (move ahead toward their embassy date with a successful court hearing). Evidently they are extremely short staffed and swamped. 

We'll be leaving several days before our date to have time to spend with the kids and adjust to the higher altitude and time change. So, you're all wondering what is this date, right??????


  1. Praise GOD!!!! So excited for you guys!!!! Continued prayers for you all!

  2. Horray! Continuted prayers your way. Can't wait to hear more about your beautiful children!

  3. Words can not express the JOY I felt when I read this post. Congrats, so excited for you guys!!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!!!! Please let me know if there is anything I can help with:-)

  4. SO happy for you guys! What great news!

  5. Wonderful! But don't worry about the altitude. I doubt you will even notice.

    Praise the Lord!

  6. WOW! I'm SO happy for you guys! Can't wait to meet your children at the wedding!