Thursday, March 24, 2011


One of the many things on our to do list was getting shots before we travel to Ethiopia. If you know me at all, you know this is definitely NOT my favorite thing. I can give shots and not blink an eye, but, being the patient is a totally different story! Well, 17 shots later and we all survived (besides feeling like our arms were going to fall off afterwards). We'd get 1,000 shots if it meant we could hold our little ones!!! Did I mention there's only 24 days until we board that jet plane...but, who's counting...:) 

Why I'm smiling I don't know. I guess I've been trained to smile if I see a camera.
Nate was a brave soul...I'll leave it at that...;)
And my dad, the experienced blood donor, was cool as a cucumber. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Update and Must See Video

I was able to listen in on a phone call this morning between the Dept of State, adoption agencies, and prospective adoptive parents. Though nothing's really changed (at this point), they said there will be meetings next week with MoWA in an attempt to come up with a better solution. God's filled our hearts with a tremendous peace throughout all this and we thank you so much for your prayers.

On another note, you have to watch this video...LOVE IT!!! Little Boy M and Baby Girl H's homecoming is not just a celebration of their adoption, but ours! I'm so grateful adoption was God's idea...aren't you???

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Urgent. Prayer. Needed.

We've recently learned that there may be some big changes coming to Ethiopian adoptions. These changes could greatly delay us being able to bring our little ones home:(. Let me give you a little context...Ministry of Women's Affairs (MoWA) in Ethiopia needs to send their approval letter to our court date in order for us to pass. MoWA is now saying they will only be doing 5 letters/day, down from 40-50 letters/day. You can see this would be a HUGE drop. MoWA is one player in Ethiopian adoptions and the other players are all advocating for this decision to be reversed.

We will still be able to meet our children in April for our court date, Praise God! But, the time until we can actually bring them home could dramatically increase if our approval letter is not there. Then we wouldn't pass court and we would be stuck until that letter gets there. No one knows yet for sure how this will affect cases. I know there are many families, like ours, desperate to get their little ones home. Our hearts are broken at the thought of our children having to spend anymore time in an orphanage. We're hopeful and prayerful. God's been faithful through every up and down and we're so grateful for how far He's brought us. We cannot wait to hold our little ones and are counting down the days!!! Also, there's a petition you can sign HERE  Please sign it!

You can begin praying NOW that our approval letter would somehow be at our court date! Here's some prayer focuses, Tom Davis, author of Fields of the Fatherless posted.

1. For God's will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.God is in control. For those of you who are facing being stuck, remember that God is in control.

2. For God to breakdown strongholds of the enemy.Every child deserves the right to grow up in a health family, and adoptive families provide that for thousands of children each year. Pray that God would demolish the strongholds that are set up against adoption.

3. For God to fulfill His promises.God defines Himself as the Father to the Fatherless. He declares He will set the lonely in families. He warns those who would interfere with His plan to bring justice and mercy that is due to them. Find the orphan scriptures, pray them to God, and ask Him to fulfill those promises to the children of Ethiopia now.

4. For the courts and judges and government officials making this decision.
Ask the Holy Spirit to permeate the courtroom and convict the hearts of the judges and other government officials. Bring the power of the Holy Spirit into these discussions and proceedings--not that we would get our way--but that God's perfect will would be fulfilled in these decisions.

5. For the children and familiesThat God would shorten their wait times. Fortunately, God is bigger than these obstacles. Pray that waiting children would receive comfort. And pray that waiting families would experience peace, grace, and love from those around them.