Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Court Date...#1 of 2

While we're all sleeping tonight, several people will gather in a room somewhere in Ethiopia to discuss the future of Little Boy M and Baby Girl H. This is our first court date, the relinquishment hearing, which is officially Wednesday, April 6. But, with the time difference it will happen during the night for us. So, those involved in the relinquishment of the children will appear for this court hearing to finalize some important aspects of the adoption before we can travel. There's an outside chance that our MOWA approval letter could possibly be there for this hearing (we have heard of several families whose letters have been there for the first hearing). If it's not there tomorrow, we are hoping and praying it's there for our hearing, April 21st. Please join us in prayer for this first court date. We should hopefully hear how everything went sometime Wednesday. If you wake up in the middle of the night tonight, pray for Little Boy M, Baby Girl H, and everyone God's placed in their lives for such a time as this....

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