Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Embracing Hope Ethiopia

During the last 2 weeks of my time in Ethiopia, I was blessed to stay with the Shannon family. Jerry and Christy, along with their 4 children, moved to Ethiopia a year and a half ago to plant a church. But, it wasn't long before God pulled their hearts in a different direction as they witnessed the poverty and needs around them. They have now started a daycare in one of the the poorest areas of Addis where they care for young children and their mothers who are on the brink due to poverty. To be eligible for this program, families have to make LESS than $20/month. The Shannons have such huge hearts for the people of Ethiopia and it was absolutely inspiring to be a part of their life during my short time there. I learned so much from them and got to watch a beautiful family following God's heart and reaching out around them. They have some great ways you can get involved through their ministry. I encourage you to go check out their website and learn more by clicking here http://www.embracinghopeethiopia.com/  Here are some pictures of my time with them.
This is me with the Shannon children (left-right) Joshua, Micah, Kaia, and Hanna. I had a blast with these guys while I was there!
This is me and Christy, a dear friend.

 This is one of the kids at the daycare. If she's sitting in that box, she's a happy girl.
 Here's Josh and one of the babies. This little guy is adorable and such a peanut! 
 Here's Micah with one of the kids, teaching him a little patty-cake game. It was so sweet to watch Micah and his siblings play with the kids.
This is Solomon, the happiest boy there...he has the best smile and laugh ever!
They had a birthday party with lollipops, cookies, and of course popcorn. Each child who had a birthday in April and May got gifts and a very special celebration in their honor.  
 And here is Kaia with one of the babies. She's the little mommy of the daycare.

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