Monday, May 16, 2011

Meet Our Son & Daughter

We've been sitting here trying to come up with some profound way to introduce this post. But, how do we begin an introduction for 2 little ones that have transformed and filled every corner of our heart? We've determined words are just inadequate, so on with the pictures. Here they are...our son and daughter!!!

Malachi Justice Teshale Erb

Hadassah Joy Belaynesh Erb

Brother & Sister

A Forever Family

More pictures and trip details coming soon!!!


  1. They are so precious and beautiful!

  2. awww!! they are so adorable! congratulations! can't wait to hear the rest of the story!!

  3. I have GOOSEBUMPS...just beautiful! All of your hearts must be overflowing!!!

  4. Seeing that first picture of you, Rebecca, with Malachi made me cry, with JOY(also your middle name)! And Hadassah has grown SO much since those first pictures you had! Your family is BEAUTIFUL!!! Can't wait to meet my new great-niece and nephew! I know it must have been hard for you to leave them. Am praying for you both as you wait to have your children "home" for good!

  5. Oh it did my heart good to see this! You all look so happy! Hadassah looks like she has grown! I love her hair in the picture where she is wearing a blue bib! Your son is a burst of joy! Your children will always ALWAYS have a special place in my heart!

  6. YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!! So excited to see the faces of little ones for which we've been praying for for so long! Go on as many dates as possible until you go back to Ethiopia. Your life is really really going to change (and I know everyone tells you this, but boy, will it! :). I'll be praying that the time you're away passes oh so quickly!

  7. Cannot wait to hear more, especially about their names' meanings :) Welcome back. I know you are SO anxious to bring them home forever!

  8. YAY!! Pictures! :)
    Can't wait to see them AT HOME with you. Soon, I pray!