Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Travel Day

The night before our flight we drove down to spend the night with family in DC so we'd be fresh for our big travel day. It's hard to explain all the emotions we felt leading up to the moment that plane took off. We were in shock that we were ACTUALLY going to Ethiopia...we were super excited about meeting the kids...we were nervous about court...and ultimately we just had a sense of awe at God's faithfulness as we watched America's soil disappear beneath us, knowing that when are feet hit the ground it would be our children's birth country! Here are some pics from that first day.
 Here we are with our 6 bags (3 of which were full of donations), bright eyed and feeling good.
 Our Ethiopian plane which we thought was very nice.
 Getting ready for take-off. 
 So long US of A!
Our first view of Ethiopia before we landed.
I'll pause to let you know we had no plans of seeing our kids until Tuesday. We landed Monday morning around 8am ET time, got Visas, gathered our bags, changed money, and then met our driver who asked us if we wanted to go meet our kids. With mouths hanging wide open we answered with a resounding YES! We loaded into the CWA van and drove through Addis Ababa to a little side street where we came to the orphanage where our kiddos have been since December. 
Here's the orphanage. Everything in Ethiopia is gated with barbed wire on top. 
And here we are shortly after we met our kids...pure joy. Meeting them was INCREDIBLE. We had an awesome visit with them this day and despite being exhausted, God gave us the grace to soak up every moment of it. My biggest fear was that I would be so tired that the whole memory would be a blur, but it's not.    It's a memory sweetly forever written on my heart.

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