Friday, May 27, 2011

When do They Come Home?

The thing that everyone wants to know, including us:), is when do we get to bring our children home. Our adoption agency is in a step by step process right now of applying for and attaining the needed paperwork for the US Embassy. The date of our 2nd trip will actually revolve around our "embassy appointment" that will be given to us eventually. The adoption is final and they are ours, but now we just need more paperwork so they can come home. Here's a quick step by step process of what happens after you pass court which happened April 21st for us.

1. Receive the court adoption decree
2. Apply for and receive 2nd MOWA letter
3. Apply for and receive Birth Certificates
4. Apply for and receive Passports
we are currently at this step waiting for passports
5. Final Medical Check-up
6. Submit all completed paperwork to US Embassy (can only happen on Tuesdays)
8. Wait to hear back from the embassy (usually takes 1-2 weeks)
7. The embassy will either clear us for travel OR will request more information or do an investigation which can take days, weeks, or months. We're hoping and praying our case is in order and properly prepared so we are cleared!

We're thanking God that every day we're closer and that most of our paperwork has come through. The kids just need passports and a final trip to the doctors and then we can be submitted! Then there's one final wait to see if the embassy clears our case. We are so close now! All these months and months of dreaming about bringing our kids home will soon become a reality!!!

There are several other adoptive families we've gotten to know who are waiting right alongside us for their little ones to come home at different stages of the process. We actually met a few of those families while in Ethiopia for our first trip, such a special opportunity! Whenever you pray for our family, please pray for these other waiting families too. It's hard to explain how agonizing it is waiting on an adoption process that's totally out of your control and happening in another country. We're all trusting God together to bring our precious children home!


  1. looks like we are pretty close to the same place in the waiting! we have his passport, but now something is wrong with our police letter. praying they can get it fixed and ready to submit on tuesday! do you guys know where you are going to stay when you go again? we checked with addis kidan and they are booked until july! what a bummer!! we are searching for another now.

  2. Thank you for asking people to pray! We're greatly desiring to STOP waiting! But, we're seeking to hope in God.

    Hoping to see you in Ethiopia by the end of June! :)
    Love to you and your fam,