Thursday, June 9, 2011

Inching Closer!

Amazingly, our embassy paperwork preparation since court has gone pretty smoothly. We were a little delayed getting our 2nd MOWA letter, but everything else has come in during the expected timeframes. Anyone who's followed our journey or someone else adopting knows that things going according to the "norms" is no small feat! We also know God's hand is on this process and we've seen His purposes prevail through what seem to us "smooth" and "rough" times. So, here's the update!

We got word yesterday that our agency has received the last piece of paperwork needed, the kids' passports. With our files now complete, they can take our paperwork to the US Embassy next Tuesday, June 14th. Our agency can only submit files to the embassy on Tuesdays. So, even though everything's in order, we have to wait a few more days. We then wait another 1-2 weeks to hear back from the embassy with their decision. We will hear one of two things...

1. The embassy will "clear" us for travel and we'll go get the kids the following week or two. The date will depend on when our embassy interview is scheduled which is usually 1-2 weeks after you're cleared.


2. The embassy could possibly request more information (new documents, re-do paperwork, etc) which can take days, weeks, or months to complete.

We've been praying that our case is prepared carefully and that everything is in order so the embassy clears us. This final waiting period has been the hardest and yet the hope of the kids coming home is such a tangible promise to hold onto through the agony of the separation. I feel like God's swelling our hearts to the absolute maximum capacity to prepare us for the day we finally fully receive these 2 precious gifts into our family. We're actually weeks away from bringing Malachi and Hadassah HOME!!!!

Please join us in praying over these next few weeks as our paperwork is submitted to the embassy, reviewed, we receive news of the embassy's decision, and travel. Specifically, my sister is leaving July 5th to study in Peru for the whole summer. We are so desperately hoping and praying the kids will come home before she leaves. I don't know who's more excited to get these kids home, us or our families:). Malachi and Hadassah are coming home to a whole tribe of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who are bursting at the seams to pour out the love they've stored up these past 20 months of waiting!!! Stay tuned over the next few weeks...things should get very exciting and I'll do my best to keep you all posted!

I'll leave you with pictures of our awesome "tribe". I can't wait for the day when our kiddos sweet faces are added to these family photos:).

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