Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We found out yesterday that the kids' files have officially been submitted to the US Embassy for review. This is incredibly exciting and means we are very close to having full clearance to finally bring them home! The embassy will look through our files and make sure everything's in order. We have 2 specific prayer requests...
   1. We are praying that everything's good to go and the embassy gives us a green light for travel!
   2.We are also praying that we get an "embassy date" the week of June 27-30 so we can get home with the kids before my sister leaves for Peru on July 5th.

We should hear back from the embassy in 1-2 weeks. We also got updates on the kids yesterday and they're both healthy and growing:). We absolutely cannot wait to go's starting to feel close and the excitement is definitely building!!! We've been taking time to look back and reflect on how far God's brought us on this journey....He is so faithful and we are trusting in Him, not the embassy or the process, but trusting in Him to bring our children home in His time!

As I mentioned before, there are several families waiting in this stage of the process with us. It has been such a blessing to email, encourage, and pray for one another throughout the journey. We found out several of those families were submitted with us! There are also several families SO close to submitting, hopefully next week. We're praying God's hand continues to work to bring all these little ones home! When you go visit your own children and see an orphanage full of kids waiting for their families, it does something to your heart. You deeply long to see them reunited and restored to their waiting families. Many of these other waiting children are the only family Malachi and Hadassah have known this past year. So, please pray for all these cases to move forward smoothly!


  1. YAY! Glad you are submitted. We did not get our passports in time, but they should be here this week and they have "told us" that "we will" be submitted next Tuesday, so I hope that happens. So we're hoping to travel the week after 4th of July, Lord willing. It sure would be nice to know the game plan a few weeks in advance instead of trying to guess when you'll travel and your schedule for the next few weeks, eh?! ;) Thanks for requesting that your blog readers pray for us other families too! Thanks so much for the videos! We loved them! Spencer looks so much more physically able and active then when we saw him. He acted like he could barely walk when we were there only a month and half earlier. That was encouraging to see. We have been so busy getting stuff done around here! It's good because it keeps my mind off of things- a little at least. We got updates of our kiddos too and they shaved Spencer's head and he instantly looks older! We are really excited to go as well! Too bad we probably won't be traveling together! Bummer! Who else got submitted to embassy yesterday? Anyways....praying for you...hugs from MN!

  2. I want to know who got submitted yesterday too!!
    So excited for you guys :)