Friday, August 26, 2011

Family Photos

Here are some recent pics from our first official photo shoot. Thank you to my talented mom for coming over and photographing 2 very cranky kiddos! She actually managed to get a few good ones amidst Haddie's tears and Malachi's water breaks. We took our pictures by the myrtle tree in our backyard. You can read about it's significance to our family HERE and HERE. I can't tell you how many times I looked at that tree and thought and prayed for our kiddos during the adoption process. God used it as such a symbol of hope and faith. Hope you enjoy the pics:).

"God sets the lonely in families..." 
Psalm 68:6a


  1. The pictures are great, and your family is so beautiful!

  2. I let out a giant "OH!" when I saw the picture of Malachi kissing Haddie. Those next few pics are to die for. Love his teeth. Love her cheeks! They are beyond adorable.

    Do people ask you all the time if they're twins? We get that constantly. :)

  3. precious - what a gift! I can't believe how big Haddie has gotten since I took her picture in March.