Friday, August 5, 2011

Feeding the Ducks

Though this post is titled, "Feeding the Ducks", it may be more accurate if it read, "Attack of the Ducks"! Malachi had a blast and is now constantly walking around the house making the quacking sound, it's so cute. He initially wanted to hug the ducks, like he's learned to do with our dog. You can imagine how hugging ducks went over...Malachi running with outstretched arms, yelling "cack, cack", as the ducks hurriedly scampered away from this crazy boy! But, once the bread came out, they were all the best of friends. These ducks were INTENSE. They were jumping for the bread and snatching it right out of our hands. I was afraid they were gonna think Haddie's little brown toes were bread! I think Nate spent more time shushing them away then actually feeding them. Ok, here are some'll get the idea. We're really enjoying our family outings with our 2 little ones in tow:).
Here's Malachi chasing the ducks. . .
. . .that was until he figured out if he stood still they'd come right up to him.
Love this one:)
Haddie was more interested in her cup holder at first.
Once she and the ducks were eye level, she started noticing them.
But, I got nervous they'd think her toes were bread, so up with mommy she came. . .I don't think either one of us had any objections:).

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  1. how cute!! malachi looks like he had fun! and haddie looks SOO precious in your arms! you guys are adorable!