Friday, September 9, 2011

Another Great Post

I recently read this post on another blog...and reread it....and reread it...and reread get the idea;). The way this woman, Jen Hatmaker, describes life "after the airport" in their adoption journey is written so honestly and profoundly. Every adoption is totally unique and I can't sit here and say we've gone through exactly how she describes it on her blog. But, a lot of it we can relate to. Her post is about much more than adoption though...the way I see it, it's so much about community too. Our personal "life after the airport" has been and continues to be filled with memories and experiences of sweet community. The community she talks about brings tears to my eyes because we've experienced the exact same thing and I know what a tremendous blessing this has been for us. Let us never forget the power of just showing up in the lives of our community. Enough said, she says it so much better. You can read it all here...

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