Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Malachi!

I am still playing catch-up from November! Here are some pictures from Malachi's birthday party. He is such an awesome kid and we just feel so blessed that God gave him to us as our son. He brings joy to our days, lights up the room with his smile, is super sweet with his sister, loves playing kitchen, would drop anything to be read to, is a huge fan of bananas, pizza, and pancakes, loves birthday parties (especially Jesus' b-day), is a GREAT sleeper (2 naps a day), has amazing dance moves, thinks daddy's arms are the best place to be, and I could go on and on so I'll stop there:). He truly is just amazing. I went into a "toddler child" adoption with a lot of assumptions and fears...boy oh boy has this little guy turned all that on it's head. If anyone's feeling led to adopt a toddler, GO FOR IT! I cannot even imagine if we had missed out on having him in our family.

We were originally waiting for 2 children, 0-36 months. About a month before we got our referral we really felt like God was urging us to open up to 48 months. I was really set on that 36 month old mark, so it was a big step for me. But, we opened up to 48 months instead of 36 months, just weeks before our referral. Malachi was 37 months old when we got his referral!!! We wouldn't have gotten his referral if we had stuck to that 36 month old mark. I am SO thankful God was leading our adoption and oh so carefully preparing each and every step to give us Malachi Justice Teshale Erb. He and his sister are the greatest gifts I've ever received. Here's how we celebrated 4 years of life for our Malachi!
When we asked Malachi what he wanted on his cake, he said "Martha"! (his cousin). He then eventually started saying all his cousins. So, this was the best we could do; 12 cousins, under the age of 6. The cake was delish!
I found these really neat extra tall candles. They're great for young kids who take forever to blow out their candles;).
We found a play Ethiopian coffee set on Etsy. He LOVES it! Making "buna" is one of his favorite pass times. The set is seriously indestructible. We love having Ethiopia as a part of our family's culture now.
Yes, we did let him drink coffee on his birthday. He downed it...and it was black
Malachi and his cousin, Nora. You can see half the coffee spilled down the front of Malachi's shirt.
I just love this picture.
And time to eat.

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  1. He is just so adorable! Love his smile! It was so wonderful to get together with you. I look forward to getting both families together!