Sunday, August 19, 2012

Referral: Our 3rd Born!

August 1st we got a surprise phone call that changed our lives forever, again:). Thinking I was simply getting a return call from our agency, I was absolutely floored when our coordinator said, "I have great news for you...your referral is ready!" WHAT?!?!? The rest of what she said pretty much sounded like gibberish as I tried to comprehend what was happening. I quickly tried to come back to earth and stopped her from sharing details about our referral as Nate and I wanted to hear the news together and he was at work. But, there was one word I had surely heard her say...HIM. Before we hung up, I managed to squeak out through tears, "did you say, him?"  Yep, it was a boy and she wanted to know if we wanted to review his file. (We were expecting a girl for various reasons). It took about .2 seconds for my mind to catch up with my heart before I adamantly let her know that we absolutely wanted this referral!

Nate rushed home from work and we excitedly opened an email filled with the story of our 3rd born, a son, from Ethiopia. We'll call him Baby A for now. Some of you may be wondering why we took so long to share our news. Well, we were hoping and praying to travel to Ethiopia before the court closure which happens annually from mid-August to early October. We knew it was a long shot, but our agency felt sure we would be able to travel early. Well, we weren't able to squeeze in:(. It's been a roller coaster the past few weeks being told we'd definitely travel in days and to be on red alert, to only find out a week later that travel would now be months instead of days away. We are hoping to travel sometime late October and ask you to pray with us that we may even hear our travel date this week. The courts are now closed in Ethiopia, but they will still be issuing court dates this week yet.

So, a little bit about Baby A; he's adorable, 4 months old, and oh so little and sweet. He reminds us of his sister and has beautiful Ethiopian eyes. We are absolutely awed by our God and Baby A's life. Malachi and Hadassah are thrilled with their new brother. We got 3 pictures of Baby A, and Malachi's convinced there's 3 babies; one for Mommy, Daddy, and him. Hadassah constantly runs to the computer asking to see her baby brother. We're hoping to maybe take Malachi along to Ethiopia with us which he's so excited about. It's been amazing to walk through this adoption so far and we are expectantly waiting on God as He continues to write this chapter about our sweet Baby A. As we can't show pictures until we pass court, I'll leave you with Baby A's precious hands and feet . We'll keep you all posted on our progress through the rest of the adoption process!