Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quick Adoption Update

So, we heard that there's a court date scheduled for Monday, October 8th. However, this is NOT the court date we travel for:(, but a paperwork hearing to make sure everything's in Baby A's file. Our agency has told us the paperwork will all be there and the judge will assign us our date either that day or shortly after. We're still hoping for a late October/early November travel date, but just have to wait a few more weeks to hear.

We got new pictures of Baby A and he looks great! He's growing, looks happy, and of course is wearing pink;). This was a sweet surprise as we were told to not expect any pics during rainy season. We're so grateful our son was able to be moved to our agency's transition home from the government orphanage he was at.

Last year the judge didn't show up for very early court dates that had been scheduled right after rainy season. Please pray that she'll be able to return on time, that our case will be heard, and that they'll assign us a travel date SOON after!

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