Monday, October 29, 2012

We Met Our Son

Yesterday, we met Baby A! The first glimpse of that beautiful Ethiopian woman, holding a blue bundle, with my swaddled son inside, just about stopped my heart. Baby A is an absolute delight...pure sweetness. He just looked and looked into both our eyes, was cooing, and even belly laughing. I can hardly believe we're here in Ethiopia, again, working to adopt our 3rd child. I don't have much time, but wanted to do a quick update.

Our trip has been amazing so far. One of the highlights was taking Malachi to visit his orphanage, Tikuret. It was so special for Malachi and all the nannies to see one another again. It was a deeply meaningful time. We also had a wonderful time staying with our friends, the Shannon's, of Embracing Hope Ethiopia. We'll be spending time with Baby A the next few days, court on Wed, and then we fly out Thursday. We're all doing great so far. Malachi started with some belly trouble today:(, but hopefully it'll pass soon. Nate was sick a few days ago, but is better now. Praying the rest of us stay healthy!

Thanks for all the prayers, they've definitely been felt and effective. Hopefully we can update more soon, after court. Here's a sneak peak of us being handed Baby A for the first time.


  1. Been thinking about you guys a lot! So glad you are having a nice trip so far :-) and rejoicing that you've met your son!!! Can't wait to hear all about!

  2. Tears of Joy...such a sweet moment and even sweeter that your son is there with you. Prayers for health and a safe trip home. Can't wait to hear more about your trip.