Thursday, January 17, 2013

Abel's Coming HOME!!!

And we leave TODAY!!! 3 1/2 hours to be exact...and why am I blogging:)? Tonight we will be on a plane flying us back to our children's homeland, Ethiopia. It's been a total cannon ball affect around here and I have yet to come up for air. We cleared embassy Monday and have been in high gear since...nesting, planning, and packing. My youngest sister, Joanna, is coming along with us! We spend the day in London on Friday and then arrive in Ethiopia Saturday night. We probably won't see Abel until Sunday morning since he goes to bed at 7:00.  I will really have to restrain myself from interrupting my baby's sleep!

We are ECSTATIC and cannot wait to finally bring Abel home. Malachi and Hadassah are super excited too, especially Malachi as he traveled to meet Abel with us on our first trip. We do hope to update our blog while we're in Ethiopia so check back.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. Our God continues to write our story and we're so thankful this page has finally turned:).

Hope to share more soon...

We're coming Abel!!!!


  1. SOOOOOOO excited for you!!!!!! Gabriel is looking over my shoulder- "Mama! That's Asher's buddy! His name is ABEL!" haha... looks like I'm not the only one excited for you guys and Abel. Praying for your trip!!!

  2. Yay, yay, yay! That must be the most exciting feeling in the entire world. Wishing you safe travels!

  3. Can NOT wait to meet my new great-nephew, Abel! Am praying for your trip and will see you all soon!
    Love you ALL,
    Aunt Sandy

  4. awww! how exciting! praying for safety and the adjustment!

  5. So so happy for you!!! How exciting that you sister is going as well!
    love, JO

  6. Congrats!!!!!
    You have a beautiful family!!!
    My name is Melissa and I know your aunt Sandy. I adopted a little boy from Ethiopia via Holt in 10/2012. We live outside Allentown, PA. Your aunt said that you had a great experience w/ the agency that you are currently with. Do you mind sharing the name of the agency again - I lost the paper Sandy gave me.
    Thanks much and safe travels!!!!

    Melissa Taylor