Sunday, January 20, 2013

In Our Arms Again:)

We had a sweet reunion with Abel! He is doing so well and just laughed and laughed as we held him. He's so alert and interested in everything, from his hands to the ceiling:). He babbles, coos, and baby talks it! Embassy tomorrow and then we head out Wed night. We're greatly delighting in our son and rejoicing in our God. Moments like these in life are special and we're savoring every minute of it!


  1. Yay! So happy for you guys! Safe travels home!

  2. If my calculations are correct you are at ADD right now boarding a plane and beginning the LONG flight home. Praying for rest. Praying for good feeding for Abel. Praying for simply a SMOOTH trip the WHOLE way...that God would bond you all the more as you make this dreaded flight home. This is such a different trip as H&M prepare to welcome him home, too. How beautiful!!! CONGRATS Erb's! :)